Top Technologies in Video Security

IP Megapixel cameras Finally, High Definition for Video Security has arrived. You know the ones they have shown on CSI and other TV shows that provides the detailed video from video recordings. Not yet for the masses, the post-recording analysis is, almost, around the corner due to high resolution megapixel camera technology.. Analog cameras will start their demise in 2010 and we should never look back. As Video on the Internet has expanded, so will Video from Security cameras. HD Camera Video streaming is here and it will get much better over the next 5 years.Look out for faster throughput at 30FPS to help penetrate the analog market. Reduction in in IP Video camera and system pricing will be severe as competition grows starting in 2010.

Video Software Applications – A major increase in video security software development should follow IP camera market penetration. New companies will be formed and emphasis on software video security applications will grow. Video access to the iPhone and Blackberry devices are now becoming available today along with unique Video Analytic applications. Software development in the Video Security market is a new science practically as hardware-based (DVR) systems are the predominant technology. The future will provide software-based applications utilizing IP Video and open up the field for 3rd-party applications. Video standards adoption is vital. Smart video security will follow IP camera adoption.

Network-Based Video Systems – Digital Video Recorders with IP and Analog camera systems on LAN and Remote WAN. “Video at your fingertips” as Gates once said. Emerging video network worries the internet providers as mass video is being pumped through the network. Video compression such as H.264 and improvements in this compression is important to the network-video application.

Analog CCTV Camera – Analog cameras are a commodity to be absorbed by import cameras below $50. In 2015 the analog camera market should go from 85% to less than 25% of the security video sales. IP Video standard is critical. The DVR and analog cameras are akin to the telecommunications analog switch and will follow the same path.

IP Video Standards – IP Video standards are an important factor in IP Video growth. In the beginning of 2010, its every man for himself as IP Video transmission is proprietary and self-defined by the mfg. The lack of a standard leads to higher costs and less integration of multiple devices. Standards are emerging and adoption is critical for mass deployment of IP Video and IP vs. Analog growth.

Network-Based Video Systems- Digital Video Recorders with IP and Analog camera systems on LAN and Remote WAN. “Video at your fingertips” as Gates once said. Emerging video network worries the internet providers. The video market on the internet is growing rapidly and will be expanded as smart IP Video devices are deployed in business and residential markets.

Hosted Video – Large market, not going to happen for at least 10 years. See bandwidth.

Hosted Storage – Not going to happen for 20 years. See Local Drive costs.

Wireless cameras – IP Wireless cameras connect just like any device on your LAN and offer instant connection to a Network Video Recorder. You still have to get power to the camera, but IP Wireless Video offers a great alternative to difficult wiring structures or dynamic location requirements.

PTZ Cameras – Robotic cameras will make major enhancements to control and automation features. IP PTZ cameras will bring software development for smart-control features such as auto-tracking and event-to-position control. Although many features are available today, major enhancements to the programmability of these camera will greatly expand through 3rd party software development.

Infrared cameras- 24×7 viewing with IR cameras is a common camera today. Infrared and FLIR technology will be enhanced for low-light and no-light enhancements. IR Cameras have evolved to be commonplace in many CCTV installations. is a common camera today. Infrared and FLIR technology will be enhanced for low-light and no-light enhancements

Home Automation Systems – Video, video everywhere. The home of tomorrow is integrated into the network. Just plug-in the wireless camera, connect to your LAN at home. Connect the IP-based thermostat, your IP-based lighting controls, and other, yes IP-based devices. More and more, video cameras are moving into the home market along with home automation systems

Video Analytics – Finally, Video Security will be transformed due to the emerging IP Video technology and the new development of software-based applications utilizing IP Video. Providing intelligent search and analysis and offering logic-based rules for actions responding to events is in summary the broad definition. Facial recognition, object tracking and identification, along with crowd detection and timeframe-based activity logs are a few of the Video Analytic applications. Video security data analysis will expand CCTV into a smart automated event detection system in the near future.

For those of you that have been in the Video Security and CCTV industry, your world is about to change from a connect-the-lines setup to one that is impressed with IT skills, IP configurations, and LAN/WAN knowledge. The development of Video applications may be one of the most impressive technology enhancements in the next 5 years as high-definition video meets Video Security head-on. Should be fun as the technology development and applications will take-off with the IP platform.


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