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Internet Video Production: 5 Mistakes to Avoid

Once upon a time, videos were found at rental stores or for purchase, along with the typical home video. There are television series, movies, and other story lines dedicated to the use of home film, personal footage, and more. Now in the era of the World Wide Web, social media and online technology, Internet video has become a key aspect of the world of video. Many companies, organizations, and individuals are finding that Internet videos are a great way to spread messages in an effective and relevant manner. Although it may seem as easy as capturing footage and placing it online, Internet video production is anything but. Below are five mistakes to avoid when it comes to producing an Internet video.

Poor Production Values
Regardless of the type of video being created, it is important to adhere to production values and standards. This is easier to do when the standards and values are known and understood. For those who are new to the world of Internet video, be sure to research what constitutes basic production standards. Using the proper equipment, lighting, timing, and more all come together to create a video that is easy to watch, hear and most of all, understand and be compelled by. The most creative idea or compelling concept can by completely overshadowed by poor lighting, grainy images and muffled sound. Not sure if the lighting is right? Do a test run, measure twice and cut once applies to sewing and Internet videos.

No Clear Concept
Making a video for the sake of making a video is on thing. Making a video to showcase or sell a product, service, story, idea or cause requires a clear concept. By clearly defining the purpose of the video, it is easy to begin to find the creative platform that will showcase the concept in a clear and effective way. At the same time, this creative process will also help to dictate the production process and standards that are needed to ensure the concept is clear to the audience.

Bad Writing
There is a joke that everything found on the Internet is true. What isn’t funny is when the joke is on the bad writing associated with Internet videos. Perhaps a decade or two ago the Internet was a somewhat disregarded research and information source, but in today’s world it is the standard. Along with this change in information status, has come a change in entertainment, marketing, and sales status, along with a lot more. Don’t think that an Internet video won’t be seen and the writing can be mediocre. Chances are, the video will be seen and that is why the writing needs to be above standard.

How To Work With A Pro
When it comes to working with a professional in the world of Internet video production, be sure to take the advice seriously. The niche expertise of this medium may be different than other video efforts, but those in the field know how to make an online video shine like any other. Understand that production, post production and other aspects of the process may be different and don’t be afraid to embrace the change.


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